2007 Oslo, Norway 

IACFS/ME Conference in Oslo, Norway

The Board members of the IACFS/ME gave 2 days of talks in Oslo to both professional and patient groups on October 18-19. The Norwegian ME Association, headed by Ellen Piro, provided partial sponsorship of the meeting. Ms. Piro, in conjunction with Dr. Birgitta Evengard, a vice-president of the IACFS, were instrumental in arranging this conference. We thank them for their successful efforts.

Total attendance at the meetings was about 700. We were told that the credibility of CFS as a legitimate illness condition (referred to in Norway as ME) was considerably strengthened among government health officials as a result of our participation in this conference. Importantly, the Minister of Health, Sylvia Brustad, opened the professional meeting following increased signs of government support and recognition of the illness.

Both patients and professionals at the conference told us that the IACFS speakers provided a much needed level of professional recognition to CFS/ME. As an international organization, we want to ensure that the interests of CFS/ME professionals and patients throughout the world can have their voices heard and supported

-Fred Friedberg